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Alice's bead madness

Monday, November 5, 2012

Indian pendant

Few weeks ago I finished this Indian pendant, finally have a time to post it here :-)
Also listed on Etsy : https://www.etsy.com/listing/114127134/indian-necklace

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Etsy store open now!

Art festivals are over for this season. But good news is reopening Etsy store for getting a lot of question about selling online. Please give me couple of days to upload all pictures and write some descriptions.
For most recent updates please find  Alice's bead madness on the Facebook.
Enjoy beautiful fall weather, at least is great here in Georgia :-)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tiffany technique pendants

My first bead crochet

Of course I had to try bead crochet, long ropes that can be with different pattens. Mine is just mess of colors but will come to pattern one day :-)


Spiky Balls earrings with necklace (carnelian gem.in the center)

Sun face pendant


Two different bracelets in same colors.

Busy days...

Past few months were really busy with work, traveling to Europe and also getting ready to start attending on artists markets. Hopefully I'll have more time now to update blog and post new pictures. Tubes of beads and cabochon are still on my table, just love working with colors. But I have also learned new technique that is called Tiffany. This technique is actually used for joining glass and making beautiful windows or ornaments
( Wikipedia glasswork ) and can be also used for making jewelry. Jewelry is made of lead free tin (97%tin and 3%silver). I was really excited to lean something new and now I struggle between beads and playing with tin :-)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Metallic blue embroidered earrings

Metallic blue and silver beads, Swarovski- crystal clear rivoli, bicone and drop.
- Sterling silver ear wire, rubber clutch
Earrings are 60mm long (including ear wire) and 23mm wide in diameter.

Green Jasper embroidered pendant

Green jasper cabochon, black seed beads sprinkled with metallic iris green seed beads and emerald fire polished beads are used for this pendant that measures 9,5cm x 5,5cm completely, the center (cabochon that is glued and sew to ultrasuede backing) 3,5 x 2,7
Neck chain is 46cm long ended with gunmetal claps.

Howlite embroidered pendat necklace

Blue Howlite pendant (in reality I would say looks more purple than blue ) measures 51mm x 41mm.
Neck chain is made with swarovski amethyst beads and sterling silver tubes, is 44cm long ended with gunmetal claw clasp.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Meridian blue earrings

Oval Amazonite cabochon and Swarovski XILION enhanced flatback in Meridian Blue. The multifaceted rhinestone displays a romantic sapphire blue hue that changes into an iridescent shimmer at different angles. Sterling silver earwire. Embroidered part of earrings is 39mm long and 35mm wide.

Necklace with embroidered Agate pendant

Necklace is something I do really rare. But since I run out of lacy's stiff stuff, I used leftovers from bracelets to do few pendants and earrings, while I'm waiting for my order from Fire Mountain...

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dark Moon...

Shaped bracelet glued and sewed on custom cut aluminum cuff. Moon and sun face bone cabochon in the center surrounded by Swarovski purple ( crystal heliotrope ) rivoli, Swarovski blue glass cabochons,  bicones and fresh water pearls. Grey Ultrasuede backing.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Most of my bracelets are free form... not even sides. This one is little different. Cabochon are placed symmetrically but some of the beads around them are not...
5,8cm wide, black Ultrasuede backing.


Simple Amethyst waves

Very simple bracelet with 5 Amethyst cabochons 4,4cm wide. Matching the earrings I posted earlier.

Beads on the leather

This is actually the first "experiment" of leather and beads, how they will match together. I used Turquoise gemstone beads, Tierra Cast copper beads, some Czech beads and seed beads. Backing is Ultrasuede, as on all my embroidered bracelets and earrings. White leather is already laying on the table, I hope I'll post some pictures soon.
Bracelet is from 4cm to 4,2 cm wide.


Amethyst embroided earrings

6mm Amethyst gemstone cabochon in the center with purple and cream colored seed beads. Diameter of the circle 2,3cm. Length with sterling silver ear wire is 4,3cm.